SLAUGHTBBATH : Further Down to the Depths

SLAUGHTBBATH : Further Down to the Depths dcd SLAUGHTBBATH : Further Down to the Depths SLAUGHTBBATH
dcd: 14,90 € (Sold out)
Disc 1
1.Bestial Descension
2.Barbaric Sacrifice
3.Let Us Pray
4.Flame of the Conqueror
5.Sadistic Hatehammer
6.Day of Eternal Torment
7.The Grand Dialogue
8.Mortal Paradigm
9.Burn the Traitors
10.Merciless Attack
11.The Endless Power
12.No Blood Left to Spill
13.I Am War Eternal
14.Templum Obscenum
15.Total Warlust
16.Condemned to Hell (Impaled Nazarene cover)
Disc 2
1.Barbaric Cruelty Reigns
2.Dethroned, Burnt & Spat Upon
4.Impale Them / Doomsday Cenotaph
5.Altar of Plagues
6.Merciless Attack
7.Intro / Let Us Pray
8.Flag of Hate (Kreator cover)
9.Sádico martillo de odio
10.Impregnation of Death
11.The Black Vomit (Sarcófago cover)
12.Sabbatical Spell of Slaughter
13.Revelations of Doom (Hellhammer cover)
14.Beyond Mortal Black
15.Sacrilegious Reprisal
16.The Gates of the Dark Path Are Open

Tracks 1 to 6 recorded live at DM6 Studio, February 2014. Mixed and mastered by Pablo Clares. Exclusive recording for this release. Spoken voice at the end of Bestial Descension by IV - Temple Nightside. Guest vocals on Flame of the Conqueror by Johan Sahlin.

Tracks 7 & 8 originally taken from "Antichristos Thanatos", recorded live in DM6 Studio, February 2013, released as a split CD/LP with Hades Archer. The way that both songs join together with Wagner's funeral march is how originally they should have appeared in the split. Vocals on Mortal Paradigm were re-recorded in spanish in April 2014.

Track 9 taken from the Promo CD-R 2012 previous to the release of "Hail To Fire". It has a different mix and sound than the album version. Recorded in December 2011, DM6 Studio.

Tracks 10 to 13 recorded at Etagord Studio, December 2008. 10 & 11 appear on "Total Warlust" 7" EP 2010. 12 & 13 appear on a split cassette with Vultur (Sardinia), 2010.

Tracks 14 to 16 taken from "Furious as the Black Flames of Hell" demo. 14 & 15 recorded as a rehearsal at DM6 Studio on May 3rd 2008. 16 originally written by Impaled Nazarene. Recorded between San Vicente and Rancagua on June and July of the same year. This demo appears in 2008 as a split CD with Demonic Rage and as demo tape alone.

Tracks 1 to 4 recorded as a rehearsal at DM6 Studio on June 25th 2011. Previously unreleased. Recorded as a private demo before the official recording of Hail To Fire album.
Tracks 5 to 7 recorded live in San Bernardo on December 25th 2009. Taken from a split tape with Vultur, 2010.
Track 8 written by Kreator. Recorded in the session of Furious as the Black Flames of Hell demo, May 3rd 2008, DM6 Studio. Previously unreleased.
Track 9 originally appears as a bonus on the tape version of Furious as the Black Flames of Hell. Taken from the Pest of Execration demo 2007, with re-recorded voices in spanish in the year 2008.
Track 10 recorded on 2007, taken from the demo cassette Pest of Execration, 2007. It also appears as a split CD-R with Unholy Temple in 2008.
Track 11 written by Sarcófago. Recorded in the sessions of the demo Raising the Chalice of Blasphemy. Appears on a split cassette with Et Verbi Sathanus, 2006.
Tracks 12 & 13 taken from Raising the Chalice of Blasphemy demo tape. Recorded as a rehearsal by the band on 2006. 13 written by Hellhammer.
Tracks 14 & 15 taken from The Unholy Wrath of the Sacrilegious Reprisal demo. Recorded at Etagord Studio, 16-17 July 2005.
Track 16 taken from Rehearsal 2003, recorded in August of that year as a rehearsal by the band.

*Bass on tracks 9 & 10 by Skullshredder.
*Bass on tracks 8, 11, 12 & 13 by O. Iscariote.
*Bass on tracks 14, 15 & 16 by CM Butcher.
*Drums on track 16 by Apolyun.

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