SABBAT (JAP) : Sabbatical Earlyearslaught

SABBAT (JAP) : Sabbatical Earlyearslaught box SABBAT (JAP) : Sabbatical Earlyearslaught SABBAT (JAP)
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Disc 1
1.Black Fire
2.Mion's Hill
3.Satanic Rites – Curdle the Blood
4.Poison Child
5.Welcome to Sabbat – Crest of Satan
6.Children of Hell
7.Darkness and Evil
8.Immortality of the Soul
10.Possessed the Room (Kanashibari)
11.Sacrifice of Angel
12.Crying in Last

Disc 2
1.Witch’s Mill
2.Black Fire
3.Rage of Mountains
4.Mion's Hill
6.Bring me the Head of Satan
7.Bloody Countess
8.Panic in the Head
9.Poison Child
10.Madara no Tamago
11.Children of Hell
13.Bloody Countess

Disc 3
1.Satan Bless You
2.Reek of Cremation
3.Devil Worship
5.Death Temptation
6.The Sixth Candle
7.King of Hell
8.Carcass Voice
9.Dead March
10.Evil Nation

Disc 4
1.Welcome to Sabbat
2.Panic in the Head
3.Bring me the Head of Satan
5.Children of Hell
6.Black Fire
7.Mion’s Hill
10.C.D.E. take 2
11.Welcome to Sabbat
12.Headbanging Version 1 Mix 4
13.Headbanging Version 2 Mix 2
14.Madara No Tamago Mix 3
16.Satan Bless You Mix 2
17.Evil Nations Fade Out
18.Satan Bless You fade out
19.Lady Lust
20.Welcome to Hell
21.Panic in the Head

December 2014 marks the final month of the 30th anniversary year of the legendary Sabbat. As such, it is only fitting to celebrate the end of this historic year with the release of this 4xCD version of the “Sabbatical Earlyearslaught” compilation, previously released as a vinyl box set in April of this year. The recordings in this collection represent the band’s earliest output, from its official inception in 1984 through the recording of its highly-regarded debut album, “Envenom,” in 1990. The band’s trademark brand of “Sabbatical Blacking Metal” was first established thirty years ago with the quintessential and appropriately self-titled “Sabbat” 7” EP, which was followed by four more 7” EP releases (“Born by Evil Blood,” “Desecration,” “The Devil’s Sperm is Cold,” and “The Seven Deadly Sins”) over the course of the next five years. In addition to these original vinyl releases, Sabbat recorded the “Bloody Countess” rehearsal sessions and “Sabbatical Demon” demo, both of which were released separately on cassettes. “Sabbatical Earlyearslaught” compiles the recordings from all five of these EPs, both cassettes, and a rough mix of the “Envenom” album. Also included are various rehearsal, live, and otherwise unreleased recordings from the same six-year formative period. To accompany these recordings and provide a written narrative of the band’s early history, the most extensive single biography ever written on the band’s developmental period is included in a twenty-page booklet, along with the artwork that adorned the five 7” EPs, as well as other original Elizaveatian artwork and photos from the same era, all of which is housed in a deluxe 4xCD jewel case. In short, this collection stands alone as the most definitive release of early Sabbat on CD format.

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