INTOLITARIAN : Deathangle Absolution

INTOLITARIAN : Deathangle Absolution lp INTOLITARIAN : Deathangle Absolution INTOLITARIAN
lp: 19,90 € (Sold out)
A1Transmission 1: Spread Wings Of Deathphoenix
A2Squealing Target
A3Enslavement Reversal
A4Sockets Gouged
A5Imperial Standard
A6Radicalized Extremist
A7Subvermin Parasite
A8Transmission 2: All Skin Burns Black
A9None Spared
A10Transmission 3: Allegiance To The Self
A11Paradigm Refusal
A12Slavery Exposed
A13Unseen Terrorists
A14Bloodcore Sigil
A15Death Shroud
A16Anunnaki Reveal
A17Creation Truth
A18Sanguimantic Cavern
A19Creation Termination
A20Ophidian Throne
A21Untrue God
A22Tesseract Enzyme
A23Human Facade
A24Ocular Peeling
A25Transmission 4: Proliferation Of True Equality
A26Skeletal Flesh
A27System Shock
A28Cleansing Dissolution
A29Cabal Condemned
A30Crucifilth Divinity
A31Luciferian Bloodbath
A32Carbonized Storm
A33Ferocity Unleashed
A34Subatomic Murder
A35Merciless Wrath
A36Perpetual Filth
A37Blacksun Sorcery
A38Autokratic Deathsurge
A39Ruination Conquest
B1Transmission 5: Jihad Of Intolitarian Scorn
B2Lonewolf Terrorism
B3Orgiastic Butchery
B4Transmission 6: Furious Psychopath Rage Berserker
B5Sentenced Betrayer
B6Prophesized Nemesis
B7Exiled Disciple
B8Nihilism Weakness
B9Diseased Bloodline
B10Deus Alienus
B11Aryan Singularity
B12Razorwire Garrote
B13Plutonium Christ
B14Grinning Throat
B15Payot Noose
B16Slave Cattle
B17Spiritual Assassination
B18Blood Gavel
B19Conduit Veins
B20Protocols Incinerated
B21Myth Rejected
B22Genetic Poison
B23Leaderless Resistance
B24Sceptered Iconoclast
B25Lineage Punished
B26Force Domination
B27Iron Revolutionary
B28Heathen Murderer
B29Transmission 7: Your Children Hung Disemboweled
B30Banners Ashed
B31Ceremonial Extermination
B32Weakness Razed
B33Hate Militia
B34Zeroth Law
B35Relentless Savagery
B36Cowards Nailed
B37Netzach Labyrinth
B38Traumatic Core
B39Defleshed Informant
B40Indoctrinated Swine
B41Coagulated Halo
B42Judaic Cessation
B43Scourge Irradiated
B44Traitor Eviscerated
B45Inferiorganism Eradicated
B46Bludgeoned Architect
B47Psyborg Chambered
B48Tetrahedron Deathgate
B49Jackal Sphinx
B50Heretic Forged
B51Genocidal Mastery
B52Cymatic Onslaught
B53Zodiacal Crucifixion
B54Sadist Rejector
B55Scapegoat Vindicated
B56Defective Enslaved
B57Suicidal Resistance
B58Modernity Vaporized
B59Reject Shattered
B60Halved Skulls
B61Anthropomantic Divination
B62Vomit Nimbus
B63Beheaded Oracle
B64Purified Deceiver
B65Adversarial Brood
B66Shadowed Reaper
B67Rage Wolfen
B68Procreator Executed
B69Portal Transvection
B70Conqueror Usurper
B71Butchered Redeemer
B72Pulsating Horizon
B73Sleeping Bomber
B74Consecrated Abortion
B75Reptilian Shapeshifter
B76Rampage Agenda
B77Vrilic Synthesis
B78Cyber Christ
B79Semitic Refusal
B80Fecal Chalice
B81Transmission 8: Subjugated Under Crackedskull Deathmask
B82Holiest Reich
B83Blackened Wisdom
B84Zionihilist Savaged
B85Whore Goddess
B86Systematic Purification
B87Lacus Mortis
B88Mutilated Tranceformation
B89Solar Bloodspiral
B90Shrieking Oriax
B91Savage Sect
B92Egalitarian Peeled
B93Dripping Stairway
B94Sacrificial Void
B95Profane Siege
B96Molecular Dissolution
B97Gallows Lined
B98Sterilized Parasite
B99Forced Infanticide
B100Shackled Inferior
B101Intolerant Supremacist
B102Atrocity Enforcement
B103Havoc Battalion
B104Forsaken Brotherhood
B105They Live
B106Cremated Genitrix
B107Transmission 9: Dejected Illusion Hologram Scorched

All Beserkergrind Noisecore Cacophony Recorded Entirely Live In One Day & Split Into Three Recording Sessions At An Undisclosed Studio Location In Finland - November 2012
No Ovedubs, Vocal Harmonization Effects, Or Sped-Up After Effects Exist On This Recording
All Spoken Word Transmissions Recorded At An Undisclosed Studio Location Chicago, Illinois - 2014
Mastered Chicago, Illinois - 2014
INTOLITARIAN does not exist for pleasure. INTOLITARIAN exists for pain.

300 copies on white vinyl.

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