GRAVE DESECRATOR took form in 1998 by Valak Necrogoat ( as guitarist ) and F.Mordor ( voices ). Both had played in some other previous acts without any result. A few time later, Butcherazor( as bassist ) joined the sect. Many drummers were in but none was really enough interested to continue with the band. In 2001, GD had the help o L.Pagani, to record their debut demo. In October 31th, “Demo 01” was recorded and a few time later released by Necrogoat ..s tape label Swords and Leather (RIP). About 1000 copies were spreaded around the world and Brasil. No fucking gigs as no drummer as well!! In 2003 Ketzer rec(Ger) showed some interest to release some shit, making GD ask the help of Adrameleck ( ex- Nocturnal Worshipper, Apokalyptic Raids, Sodomizer etc..) on drums to record this artifact. Then the 7ep black vinyl namely “Cult of Warfare and Darkness” was unleashed upon!!500 hand numbered copies were made, few containing real blood dropped… Hellspike rec from Brasil pressed a limited tape edition of this 7ep including some rehearsal songs on it. Both are sold out by the band and labels!! Several inties and reviews worldwide increased the interest for this infamous Brazilian Black/Death act! During some years after that, the band got into some personal problems and had to stop for a while, returning early 2006 to rehearsals,thinking in recording their so awaited debut cd. Adrameleck was recruited again and the songs started to rise from the depths!! “Sign of Doom” is the title of this sinister musical malevolence, again to be released by the same Ketzer rec.Pure cruel barbarism into 10 fucking songs mixed by L.Pagani in Brazil and mastered by Andy Classen at Stage One studios (Ger). Few time before the recording sessions, F.Mordor got in problems with the other members and was fired out. Butcherazor had already changed the positions with Necrogoat , getting the guitars making Necrogoat passing to the bass lines. Actually, because this problem, Butcherazor is the vocalist as well! And a new bastard was recruited as second guitarist, namely Black Sin and Damnation. “Sign of Doom” is released and GD started again his faith in the old Black/Death feeling forgotten by most bands nowadays…

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