Despite the popular opinion Absurd is NOT NSBM in full sense of this word.

According to mainstream press and the "Lords of Chaos" book, reasons for killing local schoolmate Sandro Beyer (15 years old) were because Beyer was hanging around the boys and followed them without realising the members of Absurd were ridiculing him and wanted nothing to do with him. Beyer later left Absurd alone, but then began writing slander and speaking against the satanic acts Absurd was participating in to local school authorities and community residents. A final threat posed by Beyer was that he threatened to expose an affair one of the band members was having with a mother of a student enrolled at the school. Hendrik Mobus' girlfriend later spoke to Beyer and claimed to agree with him and that she wanted to join in league with him to stop Absurd. She told him to meet at a certain point in a nearby wood at 8:00 PM to resolve certain issues. Beyer arrived at 8:00 PM that night to discover that the whole band of Absurd was there, and that it was a setup. They led Beyer to a nearby shed, where they proceeded to strangle him with an electrical wire, and he died in a matter of moments. They were released from prison in late 1998, but JFN was incarcerated again due to various crimes, including fleeing from Germany to the United States, in order to hide from the police.

While the convicted members of Absurd were in jail, they had a band called "In Ketten" (German for "In Chains")

Despite constantly being labelled "NS Black Metal", Absurd have actually predominantly worked with morbid and barbaric themes on both their early and their recent releases. The only exception has been the "Asgardsrei" release in 1999, having NS-references in the lyrics of one song ("Germanien über alles"), the liner notes and the symbolism used.

Absurd has also been featured on compilation disks:
1998 - No Colours Records Compilation Vol. 2 (track "Vampire")
1999 - The Night and the Fog (track "Asgardsrei")
1999 - Corneliu Codreanu: Prezent! (track "Sonnenritter)
2000 - Stronger than Before (track "Germanien über alles")
2000 - Common Reich
2001 - Smashing the Traitors
2002 - Freundeskreis der Heimatverbundenen Germanen
2003 - The Night and the Fog II
2008 - History of Occult Metal (American release) (track "Eternal Winter" 2007 version)

Hendrik and Ronald Möbus were the owners of Darker Than Black Records.
Ronald Möbus and his wife were the owners of Nebelfee Klangwerke.

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